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About Us

About Us

Empowerment Worship Center began in September 2011 as Pastor Perry began to step out on faith with an assignment from God. He connected with other believers that were after God and the 1st meeting was held at his house January 8th 2012 at 10am. The Lord gave direction, instruction, and the vision was laid out for the board . EWC had its 1st Empowerment study on February 8th at 7pm at The Comfort Inn Millennium and we were blessed to have 27 people in attendance. The last 2 years God truly blessed the house as there was growth, healing and development. This ministry believes in educating the people to be inspired and empowered to build their lives.

We recently moved into our 1st building after 2 years of ministry where God showed us favor. We are striving to implement the word of God and stress the importance of praise, worship, and dedication to God. Everyone is invited and we can care less about your past or present mistakes. God is a forgiver of all and we stress that regardless of your story. Empowerment is open to all and our prayer is that the favor of the Lord will rest on you.


Our mission is to empower the individual through the word of God, education and demonstration of the power of God as we strive to be like Christ.


Our vision is to empower the people in unity and in love so that the believer and unbeliever can be enriched and empowered from a spiritual, emotional, financial and economical, physical, and social perspective. Through the word of God every believer should have (Acts 2:44-47) and experience the blessings and promises of God through faith and obedience.